Change is coming.
Let’s embrace it.

We are entering the fastest pace of change we’ve ever known. If we seize its opportunities, we can completely transform our economy and society in a generation. But we’re not yet thinking big enough. We’re adapting to this brave new world too slowly. Short-term thinking and vested interests are holding us back.

Every problem has a solution. We are building a platform which lets like-minded thinkers - innovators, disruptors, policy makers and businesses - to not only identify and discuss bold new solutions to the problems we face, but to help them make those ideas a reality.

If you are tired of combative politics, and instead want to focus on real solutions to the issues that we face, then we want you to join us. Help us make the impossible possible.


In order to build the society of tomorrow, we are going to have to rethink everything that we’re currently doing. We are building a membership base of innovators and disruptors - passionate people who are already identifying and fixing problems.

They come at problems with enthusiasm and without a knowledge of boundaries. Eo925 gives them the platform whereby they can bring their unencumbered thinking to solve state-level problems.

Policy Makers.

Politicians get a bad rap. We want to help them to not only develop more innovative and longer-term policies but turn those policies into reality by forging relationships with the next generation of businesses.

Policy making today is often riven with low-horizon thinking and steered by special interests who want to keep things the same. We want to help to arm the next generation of policy makers not only with big ideas, but the connections to help turn those ideas into reality.


It is business that is going to drive change in the next decade. We are champions of enterprise that seeks to challenge the status quo, who are not bound by traditional ways of thinking, and who will ultimately come to dominate the economy of tomorrow.

Innovation in business often goes unseen. If you are working on innovative, disruptive projects, then we would love to hear from you.


All we care about is turning good ideas into reality. Our platform is designed to bring together innovation, state-craft and business to do just that.

There are so many pressing concerns facing us today – housing crises, climate degradation, the rapid automation of our economies. All of these problems are solvable. We just need to elevate our level of thinking and the actions we take.



Vision2020 sets out a number of key topics we are focusing on for the next decade. We're setting ourselves some BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) that we want to see implemented in order to maximise the UK's potential.

These are some of the topics that we're looking to tackle initially, but we see our agenda being steered our membership longer term.

We'd love for you to help us make these goals a reality. Scroll down and join us!

Infrastructure Investment for a Digital Future

Britain lags behind the developed world in terms of deploying its digital infrastructure, and yet government has set itself the target of delivering full fibre roll-out by 2025.

How does it aim to achieve this gargantuan task? Are short-term demands limiting our long-term vision of universal access?

We look at the current challenges, the challengers and how policymakers can assist across multiple government departments to make this goal a reality. Are short-term demands limiting our long-term vision of universal access?

Homes of the Future: Re-inventing Housing Policy

Has Help to Buy pushed some owners into negative equity while lining the pockets of the housing industry? Are our preconceptions on home ownership stopping us from embracing the benefits of supporting a viable rental market and delivering our future housing stock?

Can we encourage better housing that meets our long-term aim of environmental sustainability while supporting the digital economy? We take a look at housing policy in the round to see what challenges and opportunities the future holds.

Reskilling the Workforce: Keeping People Relevant

In an age of mass digital disruption and automation, can we keep people’s skills relevant?

We take a look at education, life skills, in and out of work opportunities to retrain and develop a skill set that can adapt to a rapidly changing economy.

Can we incentivise business to train and support those wanting to work, but lacking the skills? We look to see if government can provide a framework to support this initiative.

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